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Do Not Buy An Air Conditioner Without Knowing These 10 Rules!

Air conditioner buying guide 2024

What Should Be The Room Size And Cooling Capacity Of An Air Conditioner?

Room Size AC (Ton)
Less that 100 sq.ft. 0.8 Ton
100 - 110 sq.ft. 1.0 Ton
120 - 180 sq.ft. 1.5 Ton
190 - 280 sq.ft. 2.0 Ton

3 Star vs 5 Star AC; Which Should I Buy?

Obviously, a 5-star rated AC will save electricity consumption, but there is some catch! If you use a 5-star rated AC for a long time and for a long term, like 6 to 8 months in a year with daily average 6 to 8 hours of usage, then the extra amount you paid for a 5 star AC may be recovered within 4 to 5 years. If you use an AC for few hours daily and for a few months in a year then you should buy a 3-star AC.

6 in 1 convertible mode in AC

Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC; Which Should I Buy?

A 5-star rated inverter Air Conditioner will definitely be beneficial for you. However, you can buy a 3 star-inverter AC if your budget. A 5-star Inverter AC will save more electricity compared to a non-inverter AC, if it is used for long time in a year (Approx. 6 to 8 months with 6 hours of daily average usage). An inverter AC can work in different efficiency because it doesn’t have a fixed speed compressor. It tries to maintain a fixed temperature in a room by working in different efficiency. An Inverter AC can work in 40% efficiency when no such cooling is required. Also it can work in 120% efficiency to make the room chill as quick as possible. These are called convertible modes like: 6-in-1, 5-in-1 convertible modes. Inverter AC can work in Auto mode to manage all the things by itself and save the energy. You should always buy an inverter AC to get more features and flexibility. These benefits are not available in a non-inverter AC. The compressor of a non-inverter AC can only run at 100% or 0%, depending on the set temperature. This results in frequent on-off cycles, which makes the air conditioner less energy efficient. You can buy a non-inverter AC if your usage is very low & for very short time in a year. You may feel discomfort if the non-inverter AC compressor cuts-off for sometime to save energy.

Warranty Of An Air Conditioner

An Air Conditioner which comes with 1-year of product warranty, 5-years of PCB warranty and 10-years of compressor warranty, is considered as a good AC. Warranty is most important for inverter ACs, as the price of the PCB(Printed Circuit Board) and other parts are too costly compared to a non-inverter AC. Don’t go with any third party warranty. If you want to extend the product warranty of any devices, just call the company to extend officially.

Importance Of Copper Coil Condensor In AC

A copper coil condensor AC lasts long, however its price is high. But you should always buy a COPPER COIL condenser AC.

Should We Use A Stabilizer Even If The AC Has Inbuilt Stabilizer Or Stabilizer Free Function?

Yes! You should always use a stabilizer even if the AC has stabilizer free operation. The internal parts of an AC are too costly. A simple voltage fluctuation can damage the PCB. So, invest some extra amount and make your AC more safe!

Chemical Coating On AC

Anti-Corrosion/Chemical Coating On IND/ODU Unit

Anti-corrosion coatings are essential for safeguarding air conditioning¬† systems from rust and environmental damage. These coatings, such as epoxy, polyurethane, and zinc-rich varieties, shield AC components from moisture, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions. By applying these coatings, AC units benefit from extended lifespan, improved efficiency, and reduced maintenance needs. Proper surface preparation, priming, and curing are crucial steps in the application process to ensure effective protection. Regular inspection and maintenance help identify and address any potential issues, maintaining the coating’s performance. In essence, investing in quality anti-corrosion coatings enhances the durability and efficiency of AC systems.

Why You Should Vacuum The AC Before First Use

Why You Should Vacuum The AC Before First Use?

Instruct the installation team to vacuum the copper pipe before turning on the AC for first time. Vacuuming an air conditioning (AC) system after installation is crucial for several reasons. First, it removes moisture and air from the system, preventing potential issues like refrigerant leaks, compressor damage, and reduced system efficiency. Moisture and non-condensable gases can contaminate the refrigerant, leading to poor system performance and premature component failure.

Total Cost Of Purchasing An Air Conditioner

Just paying the price of the AC is not enough. Let us guide you about the total approximate cost of an AC. Cost of AC + Installation Cost(INR 1500/-) + Stand(INR 800/-) + Extra copper pipe if required(INR 850/- per meter) + Stabilizer(INR 3000/-) + Outlet Drain Pipe(INR 80/- per ft)+ Electricity permission charges if required(INR 3000/-) + Electric components like plug, socket, MCB etc. for the connection(INR 2000/-). This is an approximate cost that you have to spent to use an air conditioner in India. Price and requirements may vary country to country.

Wifi Supported/Smart AC

You can control smart ACs from your mobile phone easily. Avoid buying a non-smart AC that doesn’t support Wifi/Google Assistant/Alexa.

AC Hole cutter for wall

Clean And Clear AC Installation

For dust free installation, instruct the installation team to bring a hole saw cutter drill instead of a casual drill machine. It will save the room wall from being damaged and also the entire process will be smooth/dust free. Follow these simple rules before purchasing Air Conditioner to get best result.

Register Product Warranty

It is important to register product using serial number mentioned either on product body or box. Call the official customer care and register your product. One more important thing, keep the product invoice in right place. If after few years any problem appears, the invoice will be required. So, register the product for warranty purpose.

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